This is my vision of Tarpon Springs- Let your vision be known. What ways do you think Tarpon Springs can become sustainable?

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Comment by Pam St. Mary on May 28, 2009 at 10:57am
I can't view the vision above, not sure why not, but here's what I'm doing.
1. We are converting our landscaping to edible and have also added a 10x10 vegetable garden with summer plans to build a stackable garden. It's catching on in our neighborhood and we are seeing more vegetable gardens than ever.
2. We have started raising rabbits for healthy home grown meat.
3. We are building a home made solar hot water heater.
4. We are removing invasive species from our 196 acre co-op by organizing monthly work days.
5. We have joined Pasco County's "Adopt A Pond" program for our new detention pond, creating a sustainable native environment.
6. We are pursuing a Forest Stewardship certification for our 35 acres of timberland, providing for future generations of humans and wildlife to enjoy hundred year old cathedral like outdoor sanctuaries.
7. We plan to open a Saturday Market in October (in central Pasco County) to provide a space for local food producers and consumers to connect, along with other local artists, craftsmen, and businesses, with a focus on green business.


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