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More news stories have been coming out about citizens organizing and protesting various issues. This is occurring while major media outlets are falsely calling the death of Occupy as final. Protesters recently interrupted the shareholders’ meeting for Bank of America (LINK); the financial subcommittee, headed by Representative Ron Paul, is examining proposals to limit the Federal Reserve’s power or abolish it altogether (LINK); Greece has entered into a barter economy in certain parts of the country (LINK); and protesters in various countries are protesting Monsanto and it genetically modified seeds.

For a time, hope seemed lost on America and its people, but these actions show a prosperous chance where the system in which the underclasses were fooled into believing can be shifted, changed, or stopped.

Adbusters, a Canadian-based, anti-consumerism magazine, is credited with setting the September 17 date where people would occupy Wall Street with tents and a unified voice. The camp-in was set back by much negative media coverage. Rapes, drugs, racist messages, and the like became the news of the day by media outlets controlled by the large corporations which Occupy was protesting against. Anyone born into the information age could find independent news sites and blogs which showed the other side of the story. Police brutality, sabotage by corporate plants, and legislative oppression made the case for Occupy stronger for those that knew the truth.

The people who make up occupy are not superstars or saints. They are a representation of America, a mash-up of different ideas, ethnicities, and personalities. This could be seen as a downfall for the movement. However, these differences have led to Occupy’s increased power over corporate power. The Occupy movement has become organized through diversification. Capitalism’s most powerful tool has become a part of the Occupy movement.

Different Occupy committees seem to have formed around ideas following the corruption of politics; the national food and agriculture system; corporate corruption; illegal foreclosures; and fractional reserve lending. The protests even follow individual organizations like Bank of America, Monsanto, and the Federal Reserve.

Some people have the misconception that Occupy Wall Street is about bringing communism or socialism to capitalism, but if you look at the facts, the movement is about bringing capitalism back to America and its people. Government bailouts of major industries and subsidies for oil and agriculture is socialism. Forcing companies to compete for consumers by becoming better and cheaper is capitalism. Some people who believe in the system are being called “sheep”. I’m still looking for a more offensive word to use that will make people look at their own actions and realize that there is a better way to living

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